I have a ruby cavalier named Finley and he's now about 2 and a half years old!
About a month ago his right eye was squinted for about a day. Worried at first, we came to the conclusion that he must've gotten something in it or scratched it.
Just last week, at his check-up vet appointment (amazingly), it happened again. Same right eye, same squint. The vet did a test with some sort of fluorescent dye and a UV light and concluded that his eye is not scratched and his tear ducts are blocked. She said that tear ducts are commonly blocked and are of no cause for alarm. She suggested we schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist. We now have an appointment for Finley a week from today.

But now today he's got the same squint again, but worse than usual. His third eyelid seems is covering more of his eye than usual. When looking at his eye, his right squinty eye is more twitchy than his left. It also looks like his right eye is not looking in the same direction as his left. I can't tell if that is just an illusion because of his third eyelid or not, though. His right third eyelid is also more of a white color, while his left is a darker brown.

I've searched this forum and that cavalier health website for some information, but I haven't really found much. Reading online about eye problems in dogs, most articles suggest to get them into an ophthalmologist quickly, and now I'm wondering if a week will be too long of a wait.

Has anyone had similar issues? I was thinking it might be the beginning of cherry eye, but it doesn't really look like there is any mass growing on his third eyelid, it's just red.

Thanks for your help!