Well, its official Fletcher did not loose his love of the swimming pool over the winter! We are in our pool everyday and so is he, I love that he plays with us in the pool but OMG the hair! Last summer I rinsed him off with hose when we were done wait for him to air dry then brush him and had no problems with his hair, tho he was a puppy. This year its not working out so well Tangles, mats, knots oh my! the worst being behind his ears and those feathers. I don't want to actually use soap or any products on him daily that's not too good for his skin but I need some ideas. I obviously need something mild, I use Isle of Dogs shampoo and conditioner which I love but if i make some detangler spray with the conditioner would that be alright? I'm also thinking about trying a coconut oil based homemade spray too. I don't know. Luckily he has never had a skin problem. Hopefully one of you has a swimmer like Fletcher and can give me some advice.