This morning Elton would not get out from under the bed for morning potty ritual. I can not force him out when he is growling and highly agitated. I decided I would see how he is and take an early lunch. Elton was still under the bed in the same position and worse than before. I called the vet and had to get him out.

Obviously this is a big change in behavior and I don't know what's wrong. When I finally got him out, he was wagging his tail and running around so it did not seem like he was in pain what so ever. I changed his diet so that could be part but how can I leave when he is acting strange?

He is at the vet now and I don't know what they will test for except I want to make sure he didn't eat anything.

I was going to leave Elton with Kat (who has Kennedy) even though Kennedy was at hospital again and stopped breathing again. Before this happened, she said it would be better for him so he will not get in a deep sleep. Somehow elton may help.

I hope nothing is wrong and I'm over reacting but I can't put this on her if he is sick. She has enough going on with Kennedy. I am at a loss.