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I can't help but wonder if Elton sensed your excitement/stress over the upcoming trip and felt threatened by your unexplained emotional state, and that hiding and growling from under the bed was his knee-jerk defense mechanism. Dogs can be very perceptive, sometimes. I hope you have a good trip and that Elton will be okay.
I agree to a certain degree because he used to hide under the bed sometimes when we are leaving to get in the car. He hates the car but finally is ok with new car seat he loves.

Also mom said Elton is doing great so it makes me wonder if it was me. I know it was more because the vet noted a significant amount of pain in neck. When we went to the vet, adrenalin was making him excited and he didn't seem in pain. I have noted the screams when I went to his neck area sometimes. Even though I don't want him in pain, I'm glad that a doctor saw it so I don't feel crazy.

He is going to contact neurologist and I didn't ask him to. I don't think it's CM pain but maybe strain or something with a disk? Who knows but I'm glad he's generally happy and healthy but not coming out for that long and not eating is more than his perception.