Here are Oz's lab values from the specialty lab: RBC: 4.74 (L); HGB: 11.1 (L); HCT: 32.4 (L); recticulocyte: 52; % reticulocyte: 1.1; BUN: 15; Creat: 0.8. So kidney values are in the normal range. This lab considers a reticulocyte count < 110 as indication of inadequate bone marrow response. His other results are just slightly below the reference range, although when the vet ran them they were lower (RBC: 2.84; HCT: 20.3; HGB: 11.0 and reticulocytes: 46.7). His food is Wellness kibble. He was just groomed and no signs of ticks - doesn't mean he hasn't gotten bit in the past, even though he gets monthly tick and flea applications. Would you think the most likely culprit is his IBD?