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    I have a nine month old cavalier who has decided that he wants to start wallpaper stripping. Any ideas why he would suddenly start doing this and has anyone got any advice as to how to stop him before he strips the hall, stairs and landing?

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    Hi and welcome.

    There could be a couple of reasons. One is simply because it is fun! Especially likely for an active 9 month old puppy... and best approach is prevention/management. Keep him so he has no acces to where he is stripping wallpaper, eg close the door to that room, use a puppy xpen, block that half of the room... and in particular, as soon as he starts (if he does get access!) distract and redirect him to an acceptable chew toy (you need to have a few that he really likes). Praise any time you see him with the good toys to reinforce those toys as a positive choice at all times.

    The other reasons are 1) boredom -- also common for a younger puppy or one left without other interesting things to do, people to be with etc. So this issue gets managed as above. 2) obsessive compulsive behaviour. This breed can be prone to repetitive behaviours like this and again, the simplest solution for everybody is always management.

    And be sure to see (three handouts that will help every single dog owner!):
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    Is it possible he is bored and finds this to be an interesting diversion? I know Bosco loves to eat paper, and when he is idle, he will find all sorts of interesting things to chew. He is almost two, and shows no sign of stopping. I give him different chews and toys when I see the bad behavior. The message is "paper -NO", "toys/chews - YES" I think he has gotten better over the last year, but he still will chew paper if bored.


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