We have a 10 month year old CKC dog who has on the past week started barking at night. He has always slept downstairs on his own and has never whimpered or barked during the night before. Nothing in the house has changed. The barking, at its longest has lasted 6hrs.

At first, because he was stood at the back door I assumed he wanted to go out, but all he did was run into the middle of the garden and continue to bark.

Normally, when he barks we just say "quiet" to which he responds and we reward him with praise. With these barking fits he does not respond? The barking is more aggressive than normal and he is in an alert pose (ears pricked and one front leg off the ground).

We are not sure what to do? We have not been going down to him because incase it is separation based. But saying quiet through the living room door is not working either.

Does anyone have any similar experience?