For the past 18 months, the Royal Veterinary College has been conducting a clinical trial to compare treatment options for Cavaliers with CM/SM. Some of us have already taken part with our dogs, but they still need 3 Cavaliers to complete their study. Until they have a big enough number, they can't complete the trial, publish the results and, hopefully, make more drugs available to treat our Cavaliers. The trial is run in a way that the dogs taking part suffer no discomfort, and if they do have any side effects, they can be immediately withdrawn. It involves one visit for a health check to either the RVC or several other centres, then keeping a record of the drugs taken (which are provided free) and their effect.

I was lucky, that one of the drugs trialled by my Oliver had an immediate effect on his symptoms and has helped him enormously. It would be great if this drug was made available for general use so that other Cavaliers can be helped. Please think carefully whether you and your Cavalier would be able to take part in this trial so that it can be completed. For more information, contact Johnny Plessas at the RVC:, tel. 01707 666366.