Hi all, when Pippin was a puppy I bought a puppy/rabbit pen made of coated metal, it came in four panels of 90 cm, I actually bought two and connected them together. It has worked as a room divider/pen, to keep the three of them in a sectioned off corner of my kitchen at night, spread out it has room for two dog beds their water bowl and plenty of room to sleep out on the floor if it's too warm in summer, it also serves as a divider (in three parts) when I am feeding them and they each have their own space to eat

Pippin is so used to it that he won't settle in bed unless it is in place!

It has served me well but alas it has seen better days (Pippin is now 9yrs old!) I bought it in a large petstore in Dublin and have searched everywhere and nowhere now has them

Does anyone know where I can get one in Ireland preferably Dublin?