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Thread: Leo diagnosed with Cancer near Anal Gland - Advice Needed Please

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    Default Leo diagnosed with Cancer near Anal Gland - Advice Needed Please

    Our precious 7-Year-Old Leo was diagnosed with a tumor near his anal gland (Anal Sac Adenocarcinoma, I think). Obviously, we are beyond sad.

    We had it removed and the tests came back positive for cancer. While we caught it fairly early, the cancer cells went right to the edge of the tumor which means the vet probably didn't get them all. Leo's rear lymph nodes were also a bit enlarged, so yesterday (2 weeks after first surgery) we had those removed. They are being tested now for cancer. Without radiation, the oncologist says Leo can survive another 6-8 months. Radiation can probably buy him an additional 2-3 years. The problem is this: Our vet isn't sure that Leo is emotionally strong enough to handle the radiation treatments (approximately 20 treatments over 4 weeks, each with sedation, the last 2 weeks are supposedly extremely uncomfortable for the dog (imagine a severe sunburn in the anus region, he says). He says Leo is "such a sensitive little guy, it might be best not to put him through that."

    We love Leo so much. We hate to lose him without doing everything we can, but we would never want to put him through something he can't handle. Leo has already gone pretty much deaf. His heart has a slight murmur, but not at all bad yet.

    I guess I'm looking for any advice that any fellow Cavalier lovers have. You know the special bond we have with these wonderful companions.

    Also, we have Milo, a 6 year old Cav who is healthy and pretty attached to Leo (Leo is more dominant) and I'd appreciate any advice you could give for caring for Milo emotionally.

    Thank you very much,
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