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    Default Trouble Marking

    I need some help with Elton marking. I've been at my father's house for vacation. He had mentioned recently that last time Elton was there he went to the bathroom in one of the bedrooms. That is not like him. He tells me when he needs to go outside and between me and my father, he takes several long walks along with having a back yard we spend a lot of time.

    I work and I will admit that there has been a time or two, I didn't get home during lunch to walk him so I know he has held it for 6 or 7 hours. Never an issue. As many here know, he was a rescue and is fully potty trained even with saying "last call" so he knows its time to go.

    I was gone for 2 hours today to go run some errands. My step mother said Elton marked the same room 2 times today. Once my brothers girlfriend saw when my step mom went downstairs to get sheets, he peed on the pillow. It is clearly marking because he didn't have to go and he knows how to communicate that. He also went on a long walk at 1:00 and I was home before 4:00.

    My step mom cleaned it up and left carpet fresh pet stuff on the floor. I don't know what to do or what is causing this behavior? I need to be able to take him places and not worry that this will happen. Any tips, ideas besides closing bedroom doors?
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    I would certainly try to keep that bedroom door shut.

    It sounds like it is connected to your absence, perhaps a sign of insecurity or just a protest wee. I would put him in a belly band while you are out ( but make sure he is not left too long with it on)

    Belly bands are always useful to have when you visit somewhere new with a male.
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    I presently am watching a male shin tzu and he is marking in my bedroom. I called the woman who watches my dogs when I am away and she said it is quite common for male (especially if neutered at a later age) to mark in someone else's house. He may not mark in his own House since that territory is already clearly his. Her suggestion to me was to either use a belly band, or to catch him in the act and make a loud noise. Im actually getting my rugs removed on Wed, so I'm not so upset about this, but I will not volunteer to watch him again. other than that, he's a good boy. Gets along with everyone else, although we had a two humping incidents, which I put an immediate stop to.

    Wish I had better advice for you.



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