Molly has a lifelong love for Tigger! Ever since she was a puppy and found one in our garden - it was left from previous owners - she has loved him. She licks and shakes and *cough* makes love to him/humps him *cough* until he is so worn out that he has to be replaced by a new Tigger. Therefore we always have several Tiggers around, and a couple of Tiggers in a cupboard, so we can replace him. I tried to find some Tigger-photos that demonstrates it. Éowyn loves Tigger as well, but her love is not as fierce as Mollys' is. The life span of Tigger goes like this: First they chew the wash label off, then the ears, then the tail, and eventually Tigger gets a serious stomach or neck wound from which he doesn't survive.

Molly meets Tigger! The first meeting was a very dirty Tigger found in the garden. Molly is 6-7 months old.

Whenever Molly keeps something under her ear, it means that Éowyn is not allowed to approach it!

Best Christmas-present EVER!

Four Tiggers and Molly. Tigger-heaven!

Molly and Éowyn got new Tiggers! They are chewing off the wash labels!

The latest picture - from today! Here she is caught in the act of making love to all the Tiggers in the basket.