Bentley, age 2.5, is going through a stubborn phase. He can & will hold his potty forever if it suits him. It's almost noon and he hasn't pooped or peed since well before dark yesterday. He wants to be with me all the time so if I go outside he'll step onto the patio, sniff everything, turn around and go back inside. It may have started when it was storming a few days ago. He'd scratch on the FRONT door (not where he goes out, but where he alerts us) but when I'd open the back door he'd see the rain, hear thunder and come back in. I knew he was hurting to go so I finally used an umbrella and took him out on a leash! I had hoped I'd never have to do that again after we moved from the wide open country into town with a secure privacy fence! He'll probably pee for 30 seconds when he does finally go out, but I don't know how he holds it so long.