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    Hi everyone! So I graduated high school on May 24 and I'm now in community college!!! I emailed a breeder two and a half hours away from me here in Florida about adopting one of her pups. She's got a female due next month. She put me on her waiting list for a puppy! I wanted to know what questions to ask the breeder even before meeting her (or should I wait till I meet her). Thanks so much for your input and the wisdom!!
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    I'm sure there are others I'm missing, but off the top of my head you're going to want to find out --

    1) if the parents have been tested (and what the results were) for:

    Don't be satisfied with simple verbal answers from the breeder, ask to see actual medical records. I would also try to find out if the breeder is familiar with SM.

    2) what conditions the parents live in (meet them in person if you can)

    3) how old the parents are

    The breeder should also not be too keen to sell her pups to just about anyone. Hopefully she's asking her own question of you too, to make sure the pup goes to a good home.


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