Riley will be 11 in 2 weeks and she is just brimming with life. I'm writing this to remind everyone that even though SM is horrible, it is not necessarily a death sentence. Riley had her surgery 5+ years ago. She still has days (almost every day actually) in which she loses her balance and falls splat on all fours, but it doesn't faze her and she gets up as soon as she can. She can't jump anymore at all. She still hides under tables and chairs to get away from my rambunctious 6 year old tri, but then she'll come out and cuddle with him. She watches tv and is the first to jump up, run to the tv and bark at any animal she sees. She loves going for walks - and she can walk for a long time, she loves racing around in the yard (we have over an acre fenced in), she's usually the last one in because she's hunting chipmunks, she doesn't seem to sleep as deeply as Oliver who is 12+ or even Madison who will be 10 in September. She is always ready to go. She's the first to greet me when I come in the door. I guess this post is just a celebration of her amazing life - as an SM dog and as an oldie. I never thought she'd still be around this long, but she has defied my expectations. Keep going Riley, you are amazing!!!