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Thread: new puppy-when to neuter?

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    PS on coats, some change, some don't, but these are very minor changes that most people would never notice and when they are more difficult -- eg a really cottony fluffy coat -- a simple thinning shears easily manages this at home or the groomers. I think the issue of coats is often more related to age and genetics and diet and overall health, rather than neutering. I don;t think age of neutering matters in this regard. I've neutered under 1 dogs and older adults. Some have minor changes, some really have nothing one would notice.

    People can change coat quality more significantly by having groomers shave or trim their dog!
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    Thank you all so much for your valuable insight! I agree now that there is no set age at which a dog should be neutered. My biggest behavioral concern is marking as we are working so hard on house breaking and this behavior would not be appreciated when I travel home for visits. I will continue to monitor his behavior and make the appointment when I deem necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joandesan View Post
    Just a thought - I have watched friends male dogs in my house on occassion, and I have found that if the male was neutered closer to a year or later, he marks in my house. Might not do it in your house as his "domain" is already established, but it is very likely he will do so in others homes. So, if you plan on having your dog visit others or boarding in a private home, an earlier neutering might make sense.
    I can attest to this. My parents didn't have their terrier neutered until after 3 years old and he will still mark in the house sometimes if new dogs come over.
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