Hi guys,

I have a new cavalier in the family and he'll be ten weeks old tomorrow. I have noticed that he gets so spooked and scared of the most random things, like us talking in different voices and stuff like that. I can't remember our other cavalier ever being timid like this. And if i catch him having an accident I say no in a stern voice (I don't pick him up or scold him I just say no) and hell squeak and run away with his tail between his legs. I make sure not to scold him unless i see him physically having an accident. I feel bad that he's so scared but at the same time i don't want to nurture that behavior because i don't want him to think that being scared is a good thing. So i usually just give him a minute or two and then distract him with a toy or do some training with treats.

Any suggestions? anyone else notice a similar behavior? I read online that puppies go through a "fear stage" from about 8 weeks to 10 weeks, how should i handle these moments when he's scared? Should i just ignore them? I know puppies are impressionable and I dont want to do the wrong thing and have him be an anxious dog when hes older.