For past few days, BellaMia has been sneezing a lot. When she first gets up in the morning, she sneezes about 15 times in a row. This morning, I counted her sneezes, and for the first 2 hours she was up she sneezed 30 times! It continues like this all day. I'be given her an antihistamine but it doesn't seem to help.

I haven't changed her food or any household cleaners, detergent, hand cream, etc. Her nose isn't runny. Just wondering if it would be an air borne allergy.

I called the vet office and spoke to one of the vet techs as the vet was unavailable. She thought it could possibly be something stuck in her nose. She booked BellaMia in for tomorrow for the vet to check it out, but says she needs to have general anesthesia. I'm not really comfortable with that.

Anyone have any ideas?