I was born on the street, and I grew up scared of other dogs. I am a big guy, but size isn’t everything and the truth is I am scared. Too many scars on my nose taught me to attack and show off before the enemy got to me.
One day I was picked up by someone who locked me in a cage. I had food and water but I did not have the freedom I was used to. Then I heard they were putting me to sleep because I was unadoptable. I don’t know what unadoptable is, and love sleeping, but somehow it didn’t sit well with me.

Then I met my family. I know I wasn’t born with these guys but I was never loved this way, its so refreshing! They welcomed me like one of their own, showed me I could trust them.

But I wasn’t used to being fenced in so I jumped the fence, and I got into trouble. I must admit I did something absolutely terrible – I killed another dog. My family was so sad and so worried about me. They got me trainers who taught me some awesome tricks people love to reward. But I was sure I would never let other dogs near me, not for all the treats in the world.

Then one day my family went out and brought a little “thing” with them. I smelled “it” and it smelled of dog, but it was so cute I didn’t even consider eating “it”. They called it Summer.

At first my family would only let me around her when they were around. I was a bit suspicious of her and would never lye down when she was in the room, or even take my eyes off of her. I mean, she could jump at any moment and kill me, so I had to be careful.

But she was soooo annoying, and so persistent! Always trying to get me to play with her, always nagging me into doing something with her. Little sisters really can be hard on their big brothers!

But hey, I must admit she slowly conquered my heart. Now I wonder how I am okay with her jumping all over me, or stealing my toys… hell, I even gave her my bone the other day.

Summer is my sister and the only dog I trust. I love her.

This is a photo of my sis' Summer and I.
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