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    Question Still mouthy

    My almost 6 month old tri-color Max is still very mouthy. Especially when he wants our attention or when we are just playing with him. He is mouthy with everyone, not just my husband & I. He does not seem to be this way with little kids though.Should I be concerned that this will develop into a more severe problem?

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    6 months is still a young puppy. My best tool for a mouthy puppy is always have a toy to give to him when he becomes mouthy. He is also old enough to give him some good correction for teeth on the skin. There are some good tips on other threads if you do a search for biting. With my first few dogs I corrected them by grabbing their mouth closed and saying "no" at the same time. With a stubborn pup I would have to do this several times until they learned.
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    I'd not be overly worried but yes, it can potentially develop into a larger problem. Dr Ian DUnbar feels pups should stop doing this as they leave puppyhood (if you haven't downloaded his free After You Get Your Puppy, be sure to: and that it should be ending around this age as you do not want an adult puppy that grabs sleeves and hands etc. So probably time to discourage this as he suggests in his book and redirect to a more appropriate behaviour ( eg ask for a sit and then interact with a calmer dog). He has good advice too on working with pups to teach them (in a fun game-like way) to go from very excited to calm . Very handy!!!
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