Pardon my dog who realllly needs a bath, lol.

And I added a ring to the front for when she's in a pulling mood- if I use this, I hook the leash to it instead of the back of the harness. If you request this, Hugadog will probably be able to add it like they do the seatbelt loop and other things.

I run the leash through the middle ring on the black extention. The D ring above the hook doesn't fit through the middle ring, so even if the hook fails, the lease is still attached to the harness (the things one can come up with when you have a "runner", *sigh*). The only thing I was unsure of before I ordered it is that the Hugadog harness looks like it comes up high under the neck, but Rose hasn't had any issues laying flat with her head on her front paws, etc. with it, and it doesn't come up into her throat. I also realized that it has to be a bit higher than other harnesses so she can't get a shoulder (and then the whole dog) out the top.

Front hook: