My five year old tri-colour Amber has recently been diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anaemia and I was wondering if anyone of you have had experience with this illness.

She had been quieter than usual recently and eating less but we put this down to the recent warm weather. She went downhill rapidly over the weekend, she wasn't eating, had very pale guns, couldn't walk any distance and didn't want to get up in the morning. We took her to the vets on Monday morning and she admitted straight away. Her PCV was down to 8. She was referred to an internal medicine specialist and stayed with them for a week. She received a blood transfusion and her PCV slowly started to climb. She was placed on anti-biotics in case she had a tick and steroids to suppress her immune system. She had a whole host of investigations and no cause was found for her anaemia.

She came home when her PCV was 20. She has now been at home for over a week and her PCV is now 28. She is on aspirin in the morning, 25mg perdnisone and 50mg of atopica daily. She is gaining strength each day but I think we have a long road ahead before she is fully recovered.

Has anyone else's dog had this? Do you have any advice?

Many thanks