I found out today that one of my two 7 year old Cavaliers, Sammy, has a brain tumor. My other Cav was JUST diagnosed with MVD over the weekend, stage 4 - I posted in the MVD section about it. I am devastated.

Sammy's tumor is in his nasal passages and up into his brain causing deterioration of the skull. I had taken him in for a lump on his forehead, had it aspirated but nothing showed up. 3 weeks later it was bigger and his sneezing/wheezing worse so they did an Xray and found the tumor. He is feeling pretty ok right now with antihistamines, but I fear that in the next days to weeks I will have to make the painful but necessary decision to let him go.

Are brain tumors common in Cavaliers? Are there any diseases this breed does not get? I love my babies so much but this is tearing me apart and I don't know if I can ever own a Cavalier again.