Quite concerned, Sadie has done this a couple of times recently, last night when going upstairs she paused, when i helped her up gently with my foot, she crys out,i tried to pick her up and yelps no matter how cautious i am with her, she is eating and drinking, not really herself though, and always loves her walks, but wants to come home, she just won,t tolerate me picking her up,she sleeps upstairs with me, i don,t know if she will get up there, she is 8 years old,but very active for a cavalier, she runs very fast, i,ve had her 15months now, as a rescue, but since i,ve had her shes done this 4 or five times, but following day shes usually better.But wondering if this could be anything to do with her spine?.See how she goes tomorrow. Karen,Ruby and Sadie xxx