Hi all:

So sorry it has taken me ages to put thru so many new accounts. It's been a busy summer here, and it is just me doing this -- there's also been a terrible increase in spam accounts and I check each new registration to try and dump these. This used to be an easier task but spammers have gotten very good at creating fake accounts and channelling accounts through IP addresses that make them look like they are legit and not coming from typical spam countries.

At times I have had over 100 accounts to sift through -- at the moment I still have 80 to do.

I did just OK a bunch of fresh posts from new members.

If you have registered and not been approved do message me through the admin mail link on the site as sometimes if I am not sure about an account I just put it on hold -- a quick email letting me know you are real will then let me easily approve the account.

I'm sorry about this slow progress through accounts, but spammers are wily and a constant problem. For a few months I had reduced it down to a trickle thanks to a few tricks but soon they figure out how to get around them. I will be checking out some alternative approaches.