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Thread: Luxating Patella (because it needs another thread)

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    Default Luxating Patella (because it needs another thread)


    I know there are lots of threads on here regarding luxating patella's but I need some advice.At 10 months (February) my puppy developed a luxating patella in his left hind leg. We were told it was a grade 4 and to do surgery as soon as possible. We had the surgery done and the next 3 months were brutal - especially with the weather in NY, we basically had to train our puppy to go on weewee pads again. Fast forward 3 months later and he's great, walking, etc. Also, every time we brought him to the surgeon for follow-ups or to the vet we had them check the other patella, and it was fine (with his latest vet checkup only 2 weeks ago)

    We've been giving him dasuquin and other supplements/treats for him joints/hips/etc.

    Which brings me to yesterday. My puppy was a little lethargic. I thought nothing of it. My wife and I then took him on his before bed walk and noticed him limping. We at first couldnt figure out which leg it was that was bothering him, but then we saw the right hind leg (the good one!) intermittently going lame. We brought him in and he was whimpering and didn't seem to want to play or walk much. Being we had seen this before, we immediately got worried and at 11pm brought him to the vet ER. The doctor on call diagnosed him with a medial luxating patella in the right knee, prescribed painkillers and told us to make an appointment with surgery for consultation, which I did for Saturday. I also asked the vet what grade it was and she said grade 3 - which I don't necessarily agree.

    This morning he seemed lethargic and tentative but not limping and not going lame. I put him in his playpen as opposed to letting him roam free so that he would rest the leg.

    My questions:
    1. Is it possible that my puppy went from showing no signs of a luxating patella in his vet exams to then 2 weeks later having a grade 3 luxating patella?
    2. Being he's only had symptoms for a day, do people recommend waiting and trying to treat in other ways? I just don't want him to have to go through another surgery but I also don't want him to be in pain. The first time we immediately jumped to give him surgery because of the fact it was a grade 4 and because it was very noticeable.
    3. The first time, my wife took off and stayed home with and/or worked from home with our puppy for the first 2-3 weeks. What do others do? Unfortunately, my job is not understanding about working from home because of a sick pet, my wife and I have already used our vacation days and my wife is entering a busy time at work so she wouldn't be able to work from home either. What have others done in the situation? All we care about is our dog is not in pain and is happy. Have other people hired someone to watch their dog post surgery? have others just continued to go into work? Right now we have a dog walker come twice a day, and he has handled our dog after the last surgery - but the thought of leaving our scared, post surgery puppy alone for so long just makes me want to cry.

    Sorry for the long post. I needed to vent, I'm anxious, and feel so bad for my dog.

    Thank you

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    I just replied to another post on Luxating patellas with my story. Here's the shortened version -- my dog was diagnosed with 2 luxating patellas at age 2. Rather than going to surgery, which scared me due to the recovery time and costs, I went to alternative "holistic" vet, who suggested I try some chinese herbs and dasaquin. Worked like a charm. Immediate change in the dog within days, and knock on wood, he has been fine since last April 2013.

    I see that you are in NY. This vet's office is in Pennigton, NJ. If you want to private message me, I can provide you with her name and office information. She comes highly recommended from people in the dog community, and she certainly helped Bosco out.

    Good luck.


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