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Thread: My little one (<6 mos) showing signs of SM...Heartbroken

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    Default My little one (<6 mos) showing signs of SM...Heartbroken

    First I would like to say that I am new to this forum but have already read the countless stories cavalier owners have wrote. Dagny, Winston, Toby and each one along with the many others has made me shed a tear. I was so happy to have read the success stories and was crushed at every heartbreaking story written. Nobody really understands what these little pups bring to the table unless they have one. I love mine dearly.

    Well, about 5 days ago (Saturday) I let me little one out play in backyard. A few minutes after i heard him shriek in pain, loud, ear piercing. I run to open the door and he runs inside, yelping, tail between legs and runs directly for my dark closet on top of my laundry (he loves it there) shaking in horror. I take him out and close the door and he runs into his crate which he hasn't been in for about 3 months now. I close the crate and he jumps on top of it. I am completely terrified thinking he might have been bitten by a snake so i jump in my car in my pajamas and rush him to emergency clinic which is 45 minutes away. They give him a look over, take his vitals, find nothing, hes wagging his tail, everything seems OK, I breathe a big breath of relief.

    Sunday rolls around and he starts snapping his head backward to bite his backside. Tries left, tries right, falls on floor trying, starts whimpering a bit, and it stops. I have never seen this before and I start thinking he might have gotten bit by something, possibly a bee and he is just worried it will sting him again.

    Monday is here, and i get off work and come home to see my little one. He is happy as can be to see me, he eats his meal right up when i give it to him and then jumps on bed and starts really trying to get his butt. He scratches his neck and face a very tiny bit also. He starts crying, looking around dazed, i get nervous and take him to the vet. Get to the vet, find out his anal glands were completely full, so a draining takes place. The vet comes out and tells me about COMS and that what he is doing might fit it. I never heard of this before and don't want to think it is that. We think it might be allergies due to the anal glands not draining and him trying to bite back there because it hurts, so she prescribes Temaril P for the itching and allergies, which also contains Prednisone.

    I get home and research this issue and all of a sudden i notice that he is scractchig his face with his hind leg, very rarely but he is doing it. He is still trying to get at his butt by snapping back and is just starting to fly bite. I am devastated. I am thinking omg, he has this. I get depressed and sad and don't want to do anything. He started running in circles a bit chasing his tail and it's like every symptom is coming out in him. The first time i walked him it seemed as if he was confused, walking back and forth, peeing on the street instead of the grass, constantly shaking his whole body like he has water on it. The sadness gets a bit deeper for me.

    I started him on his meds that night and it seemed to work. Less scratching (there was already very minimal), less snapping back and less fly biting (very minimal too). No whimpering, his walks were good, and his playtime was harder than ever. He was going at it full speed almost beating me up during our play time. I was happy. Tuesday and Wednesday more of the same. Slight looking back at his butt, but not snapping, a little bit of confusion sometimes and to my relief, actually trying to bite flies that were buzzing around. I have not left his side since Monday after getting home from work.

    I know it is not diagnosed or confirmed, but some signs were there. The meds seem to make it better and dread the day i have to start tapering them off. I don't want to see him in pain. I contacted about 4 neurologists, actually talked to two of them and will be seeing one when he is off the meds. Could i be jumping the gun here? Could he have had a seizure or stroke of some sort that Saturday and these are residual effects? I have so many questions and I know the only way is to give him an MRI.

    Again, symptoms are snapping back to bite his butt, both sides. Very minimal ear/head scratching usually on left side, slight confusion and very very slight fly biting. His walks are good, he does not hop or anything while on lead, nor does he dig his head into the floor or lick and chew at his paws. He does roll around on the ground, but only in the morning and it seems as if he having the time of his life when he does it. Like a wake up and lets go play daddy roll.

    I was so relieved to find this site and have a source of information like this where people actually care. I will start being more active and maybe even put a pic up of the little guy. I thank you all for reading this and anxiously await to read what you all have to say.
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