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Thread: My little one (<6 mos) showing signs of SM...Heartbroken

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    He's on the 1/day pill now and he's snapping back at his butt more than ever. Pretty lazy most of the time. Scratching his neck a little more and shaking like he is wet maybe 4-5 times/walk. He's not in pain it seems, but it does seem something is bothering him back there. Eating up a storm like usual and is ALWAYS hungry. Had a problem making a bowel movement and was throwing up exactly what he ate (literally looked the same going in that it did coming out) took him to the vet and x ray'd him and he had massive blockage that the doc said looked like stone in his colon. They gave him an enema and it looks as if it cleared him out as he is "evacuating" it now. Slowly but surely.

    Any advice on what I should do about his snapping backwards, fly biting, scratching neck/head? Should i just keep waiting for more evidence? When is the time to see a neurologist and commence with the outrageously priced MRI?
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