Boy, it's been quite the evening. My vet and I have always been very careful when it comes to the vaccination schedule for Maisie as she has some immune and allergy issues that are beautifully under control with a special diet. She has Ulcerative Eosinophilic Stomatitis. We give one vaccine at a time and stagger them so that they're two at least 2 weeks apart. I took Maisie to a 4:40 pm appt today to get her last vaccine - the Lyme. I do live in an area where ticks are abundant. Several hours after getting the vaccine, she was not herself. She didn't want to get up, she was hiding in another room and didn't come to greet us as she usually does - with tail wagging and lots of kisses. So, off the the 24 hour emergency vet we go. I just knew she was very off. Upon examination, the vet touched the area where she had been vaccinated and she reacted in severe pain. I almost lost it. She was then given heavy duty pain meds which causes excessive panting and rapid breathing. My 10 yr old daughter then proceeded to get a bloody nose in the waiting area ( when it rains, it pours!) Needless to say we got home just after midnight and she is still in a fair amount of pain. My heart is breaking for her. She squeals every time she has to move. The ER vet suggested that we avoid the Lyme disease vaccine in the future as long as she's on a flea and tick color. I always do a tick check when we come in from outside as well. So, this was my adventurous evening. Just praying that she finds some relief soon.