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Thread: New owner - what should I have ready when I bring my puppy home

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    Default New owner - what should I have ready when I bring my puppy home

    Hi all

    I will shortly be bringing home my first ckcs at 12 weeks old. I would like some advice on what items are 'essential' for me to have when I bring him home. As he is my first ckcs I don't want to go crazy and buy things that realistically I don't need.
    I will be crate training him so not sure if this would alter the things that I need to buy so any help and advice given is greatly received.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Keira

    I'm not really much help on puppy stuff, since although I have 2 Cavaliers, I didn't have either of them as puppies! Though you'll start off with a light collar and lead, you will eventually need a harness - preferences vary greatly on these, but personally I like the front clipping Easy Walker, as they prevent pulling very gently and easily, but I know a lot of people like puppia harnesses. If your search for 'harnesses' you'll find all the pros and cons of different types! There's no point in buying a coat until he's full grown - in fact I never put mine in a coat until last winter, when I decided that 12-year-old Oliver needed some protection against the cold. If he's crate trained he doesn't really need another bed, though I have one in my office for Oliver (I work from home) so that he can settle down while I work, but he sleeps in his crate in the living room. Many people seem to find a puppy pen useful for giving the pup a bit more space than a crate while he's not fully house trained (incidentally, Cavaliers seem to be slow at getting the house training message - don't expect him to be 100% reliable until around 9 months).

    Not sure any of the above is much help, but having bumped your request up a bit, I'm sure someone better qualified will answer it.

    Enjoy your pup - and post some photos please!

    Kate and Oliver (ruby aged 12) and Aled (blenheim aged 6)

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    Hi are going to have so much fun with a puppy. You'll need a water and food bowl a d a nice soft mat for his crate. If you plan to block off any rooms until he is house trained, you may need a few baby gates. Also, you don't want to change his food right away, so find out from the breeder what they are feeing. Lots of toys and chewy things are a must, especially if he is teething.

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    Please post pictures and ask all the questions you need to bring home your puppy.
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    One thing I used when Fletcher was a pup was a baby pack and play. A portable baby play pin. I used it in our living room since his crate is in another room. I also used it when I took him to work or my parents house. It's easier than lugging the big crate and more roomie than the travel crate.

    Oh you DO need a travel crate. I know you might want to hold your new furbaby on your lap the whole way home and to and from vet visits but honestly it is NOT safe. This is one item I repurchased as he out grew his first travel crate. Fletcher is a traveler we take him EVERYWHERE so I don't feel it was a waste of money. I can always pull the smaller travel crate out and use it when I get my next cavalier

    Oh yeah not mentioned yet, you need a toothbrush and tooth paste. Start brushing your pups teeth now....yes I know they are baby teeth and sharp. I like the finger tip brushes. I started with Fletcher from day ONE, now he runs to me when he even thinks I'm taking out his toothpaste.
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    You may want to consider spaniel bowls that work to keep their ears out of their food and water. The following link may be helpful (also, I recall someone on here identifying a "buster bowl" that is available on Amazon):


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