Lady seemed quite lethargic tonight, she wasn't coming to me with her toy like she usually does, and she kept licking at her bottom more than usual. I picked her up at one point and put her down and on my shirt there was a big spot of blood, mostly mixed with saliva. There is a spot less than an inch below her anus that is the source, but I can't see it clearly because of her fur and she yelps really bad if I try to touch it, and now won't let me near it. She's still eating but you can tell she's uncomfortable. I called my vet right before they closed and since it's not bleeding heavily and she still has an appetite, I am going to bring her in the morning.

I have a feeling it could be a ruptured anal gland as it is located at the 8 o'clock position under the anus. However I haven't really noticed pus or a smell, but she was licking it quite profusely so she may have got most of it. She also wasn't scooting any more than usual in the last few days so I am not sure if it's the anal gland for sure or if maybe she's got something stuck in there from playing on the weekend...let's hope I find out at the vet for sure tomorrow morning. She looks so sad .