Mr. Monster starts all day kindergarten on Tuesday. Yes, in Virginia it is actually against the LAW to start public school before Labor Day

So this morning we were invited to the school to meet his teacher. Her name is Mrs. Maloney like bologna, talk about an awesome name for a teacher working with 5 and 6 year olds. I am very ready for this, my last child to start school. I am NOT doing the whole Mommy thing "my baby is growing up". He is VERY ready, plus my oldest is graduation high school this year so I guess I'm distracted. Oh yeah and because I work a split shift that means I will be home alone from 10am-230pm, which sounds like nothing but trust me its not. If you have seen my recent picture posts you know what happens when I run to the bathroom!!!

Well, we walk into his classroom this morning and he introduces himself to Mrs. Maloney (yeah I make my children talk for themselves) She says in a very cheery teacher voice "Oh hello, are you excited for school?" to which Mr. Monster replies "Well, I can't bring Fletcher to school but I guess its okay" OMG, I about cried right there in the classroom. What a sweet little brat. When I explained Fletcher was a dog, Mrs. Maloney suggested he bring a picture of Fletcher to put in his folder. Maybe I will miss him a little during the day wait maybe after I enjoy a few months of HOME ALONE time.