Hi everybody,

thank you very much for adding me to this group. I'm not a cavalier owner, not anymore. Out little girl left us 6 weeks ago this Sunday. She was nearly 21 months old, ruby cavalier. The sweetest thing on the planet. Her death was such a shock to us as she was playing with us outside and the she was taken from us few minutes later. I don't think that I will ever get over this.
She was a healthy, funny, cute dog. Best friend to us and to our daughters. She was watching my kids and always wanted to be a part of their play. And she was a baby to me.
First seizure came in May. Doctor at the ER was pretty sure it was an epileptic one. Some other vets weren't so sure about that. The second came in june and I still didn't know for sure what is this. I was told by neurologist about cavaliers and their problems and we decided to do MRI along with the fluid test. The result was Arnold Chiari malformation and SM. We were so upset. Neurologist gave us medication to control her seizures and some for lowering the amount of the fluid. She was doing much better and then in July 21 another seizure came. I gave her valium and the we lost her few minutes after that. I'm not sure if it was still at home, or in my arms while carrying her to the car, or on the way to to clinic. It's honestly too blurry. Doctors then said, that this wasn't probably SM, what took her life, but It could be as well. We don't know.
My past 6 weeks are full of pain, guilt, depression and I honestly don't know how I'm going to live without her and will be always wondering what took her from us. I'm blaming myself for not knowing, not acting quicker, for vets not to be able to find what is going on with her. My husband and I were in such a shock, that we didn't think about an autopsy or anything else and took her home with us.