Hi all --

We are properly back online again after some problems that occurred to the database during an update at my hosting service that seemed to overlap with the point where I was doing some work on the board. I know many of you were probably having difficulties viewing the site or logging on, or finding you logged on only to find you could not post or see your own account details.

They found a corruption in the database and restored the board from a backup taken yesterday in the early hours of the morning. Unfortunately that meant we lost yesterday's posts and I am very sorry for that inconvenience to all of you who had made posts during the day. However the alternative was restoring from a far older save of the database I'd made weeks back so I was thrilled to find they had one taken from yesterday at 4am!!

The other good news is that they were improving the server that is used by the board and acknowledged they have had some problems with it. It seems to be loading much faster and I am hoping... fingers and paws crossed!... that the various issues people had mentioned to me (and which I myself have experienced) will now be resolved.

I am always considering a shift in board software, and have a product I will likely to move to in the future but not quite yet as it doesn't have a few features I'd like to see and which are likely to come before too long.

Anyway I hope everyone's back online and getting a better experience with the board after the hosting service upgrade.