Bailey is almost seven and was diagnosed with SM about four years ago. She's been doing ok although I often wonder how much pain she is in on a day to day basis. She is still able to enjoy walks, loves her food and enjoys playing with her brother

Most days she is fine. Just now she is on 100mg gabapentin and 50mg Zitac three times per day. The last few days when I have been lifting her head to give her her medicine I have noticed that it causes her to scratch her head/neck. This is obviously causing her some pain.

Really I'm just here to ask if there is any more I could be doing for her? Should I look into increasing the dosage (I worry about her liver/kidneys) or are there other medications I could be trying?

I will speak to my vet but I wanted to ask here because there are a lot of very knowledgable people on this forum.