Towards the middle of last week we noticed something wasn't quite right with our 5 year old Rosie. She started to go off her food, and became quite lethargic, we also noticed her rear knee caps were slightly swollen and she started to have trouble climbing stairs. She would still eat chicken and other tasty treats but would not touch her regular food. Her season had finished 2 weeks ago (she was going to be spayed in April but we had family problems so had her booked in for November). We took her to the vet on Friday and they gave her antibiotics/metacam and booked her in for a spay a week later. The vet mentioned it was possibly pyometra but didn't seem concerned.

On the Saturday she developed a light brown discharge from her vulva and became even more lethargic, we phoned the vets late Saturday night and were told to bring Rosie into the vets the following morning. On Sunday morning the vet performed an emergency spay and stated that it was extremely large and full of pus. Rosie came home the same day, and spent the rest of the day sleeping but did manage to eat some food.

The next morning Rosie was 95% better, the difference was incredible. The biggest problem has been stopping her from running and jumping.