Those of you may have seen my previous post.

Merlin began with Vestibular Disease early August, he lost his balance, was sick, dizzy, had weak limbs, head tilt, severe head shaking, right side ear scratching, and right side facial paralysis. This was all linked to middle ear fluid, they tested this fluid and because there was no infection present, they have decided there is no need to treat this condition.

Whilst having his MRI, they found he has Chiari Malformation. They said this could be causing the head rubbing/head shaking/ear scratching etc. (as he has no ear infection)

His vestibular disease has calmed down, he's still a bit wobbly on his legs sometimes, his right side facial paralysis is still there and will never go (but he is drooling a lot less) and he will always have a slight head tilt.

The neurologists have started him on Frusemide for his Chiari Malformation. We are on a trial with him ...
Half a tablet every day for 2 weeks, then.
Half a tablet every other day for 2 weeks, then
No tablet for 2 weeks, to see how he responds.

After starting the tablets he showed a great improvement, his head rubbing/head shaking/ear scratching all calmed down, and we would only see these symptoms maybe once a day, which was a huge improvement to what he was.

We are now on the 2nd week of treatment, and he's gone down hill again, head shaking is back again, he's pawing at his face all the time, and pushing his face into/onto everything.

Our neurologist is currently on annual leave, but the vet hospital said we need to ride it out with him, carry on the treatment for the full period and then discuss again. But I just cant see him like this, I dont know how much pain he is in, and I feel helpless.

I can see still see signs of improvement, he's appetite is back again, he can walk longer on the fields, he wags his tail more again, does the silly crawl along the floor with is back legs spread out like frogs like (he's so cute when he does that), I offer him water to keep him hydrated, I lift his bowl for him when he eats as he seems more comfortable eating at head height, he sleeps on an old duvet to keep him comfortable, we walk him on a harness so if he falls out whilst "cocking his leg" then I have hold of him.

I just need some support and words from someone that i'm doing the right thing with him with this "seeing how things go" advice from the vet hospital.

Me and Merlin would appreciate your comments.
Gemma & Merlin (aged 6 years, 8 months)