Hi All. Am new on here and hoping to gain some advice for our much loved Marshall!

Marshall is a two year old male Blenheim Cav. We have had him for about three months and for most of that time he has been scratching a lot. Most of his itching is on the sides of his stomach area, behind his ears, and around his bum (he licks here mostly). He has some pigmenting on his skin in these areas as well (dark in colour).

I have consulted the Vet but no success. Here is what we have tried so far:
- spraying a tea tree oil spray to the itchy areas and brushing in
- spraying a cider vinegar mixed with water concoction
- changed his food to a dried sensitive skin type (Barking heads all natural brand)
- removed one of his beds and blankets which was mostly polyester
- anti histamines prescribed by vet
- bathing him twice a week in DermOpt shampoo for pets

He is a very happy dog and is not sick etc. Just has a constant itch but doesn't seem stressed about it. Any tips or advice based on experience greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks