I haven't posted here in a while but I just wanted to let everyone know that sadly Molly passed away last July. I adopted Molly and Bella at the same time from Irish Cavalier Rescue almost 7 years ago. Molly brought great happiness and love to our family and we really miss her. She had not been well since the start of the year and the vets couldn't seem to agree on what was going on. She had a massive heart attack in the end and we had to let her go :-(
Bella in particular is having a hard time dealing with her not being here. They always slept in the same crate (with Bella on top of Molly usually!) so Bella does not do well at night now and is very anxious when left alone. I have bought her a DAP collar so I'm hoping that may help. I have been told that time will help her but honestly its not and I feel so bad for her :-(