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    Hello, I have an eight month old cavalier named Wilson. He is my first cavalier and a real sweetie. I have been reading and learning so much from this site since January when I got Wilson. Now to my question. I am wondering at what point do you start to wean them from potty treats. He is doing really well so I don't want to backslide. He has had two pee and one poo accident since april. I have had a few people comment about still giving him treats for that. I feel like its important to continue with treats but after a few comments I began to wonder. Thanks

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    Alice, my Cav, is almost 4 months (I got her at 12 weeks) and I watch her like a hawk indoors. I never let her wander around the house unsupervised (I have a very small open-plan ground floor so have put decorative metal gates across the archway into the kitchen to keep her in there when not supervised.)

    She hasn't had any accidents for a couple of weeks and when she did it was my fault as she snuck out of her crate while my back was turned, after a nap, and peed on the sitting room carpet! I'd left the gate open!
    She is now very good at peeing/pooing in my little garden (which is gravelled/paved) and I don't tend to give her a treat there now- just lots of 'good girl' noises! She is just beginning to have a pee when on walks - until the last week or so she would hold on until she got home! I always put her outside after naps/play/15 mins after a meal or if she looks 'anxious' or whines for no apparent reason.

    Your Wilson seems to be doing well - depending on the circumstances re the accident. Was it when you weren't looking or when he was alone? Alice has never poo'd indoors - just the odd pee and she did wet her bed a couple of times in the beginning.

    At our weekly Puppy Class the instructor advised not to treat every time when training. Yes, give them a treat at the outset until they are used to the command then treat maybe every other or every 3rd/4th/5th time. That way they seem to be even more interested. Not sure if this applies to pottying - if Alice needs to go she goes straight away (she does a few up and downs or circles then does the splits!!) If she needs a poo she goes round and round/backwards and forwards very fast in ever decreasing circles for about 20 seconds before 'going.' It's on walks I have to try to persuade her to go - then I always give her a treat and lots of praise.

    I have a very good book I bought on Amazon by Bruce Fogle called Complete Puppy & Dog Care which I recommend to everyone who has a dog. With potty accidents he advises rolling up a newspaper, securing it with an elastic band and then whacking yourself over the head with it for not paying more attention to your puppy!!
    Also, you may like to check out Victoria Stillwell's site on the internet. She's brilliant.
    Hope these ideas are of some help or at least made you smile!


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