So, we're supposed to pick up our puppy (8 weeks) in two days. I've been searching the Internet but can't seem to find a situation that quite matches mine. By the way, he's 3/4 cavalier, 1/4 cocker spaniel (male).

I work at a church and my paid hours are only 15/week although I do a bit more than that. The church has agreed that for the first three months I can work from home more so my schedule would be, off Monday and Tuesday, go to work Wednesday for about four hours (with 1/2 hr- 1.25 hr commute each way), off Thursday, work Friday night (around 6-10), off Saturday and work Sunday night (7-9 plus 20 min commute each way). In addition there would often be meetings Monday night but my husband would be home for those.

I'm already arranging friends that could stop in half way through on Wednesdays for the first three months as I've heard puppies can be left for their amount of months plus 1. After three months (he'll be five months old) could I stop having this person come in every week?

I've read such mixed messages on here and on other sites. Is this okay or not? We would be keeping him in the kitchen with two baby gates on top of each other so that our two cats can't jump it and get to him. We'd have toys and an open crate in their if he wanted to rest. Obviously food and water. And since he's paper trained by the breeder we would probably leave paper in a corner just in case he needed it.