Hey there. Haven't posted in a long time and wanted to give an update on how Piper is doing! She is a beautiful girl and makes me so happy every day. She turned two on January 8th. She's had some real trouble with hot spots and was diagnosed with a slight murmur a year ago. Her parents are both heart clear and so were her grandparents. My breeder is great and I have no hard feelings. Unfortunately with Cavaliers this is the chance we take. I haven't treated her any differently and have been keeping an eye on her and things are going fine. I'm hoping to have an image of her heart taken at a heart clinic so I can have a point of reference if this thing progresses down the road. I have had her on Cosquin 10 (sp?) Not sure what else I can do as far as supplements go. Any believers in the house? Anyone been in a similar situation as me?


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