Hi there, my French Bulldog (Mooby) was diagnosed with SM back in April 2011. Mooby has been doing pretty well on Gabapentin (100mg / 3x a day) and amantadine. Mooby was also on prednisone, but we have started weening her off that because she has developed calcinosis cutis. Anyway, on the prednisone we are down to 2.5mg every other day.

We noticed yesterday that Mooby has started rubbing her face into me, her dad and her fur brother more often. She also has been doing her air guitar scratching more recently. On top of that she is having trouble opening her jaw, to the point we are almost having to push her pills into her mouth.

So my questions are...
  • Has anyone ever seen a jaw symptom like this with SM?
  • Is it normal for SM to progress to need more medication?