I think the more I read the more confused I get. I posted before about Elton's vet first discovering a murmur in the end of June. He was examined in May and no murmur but it was first detected when he went in for a sick visit. The vet recommended x-rays but I wanted to go see a cardiologist. Elton went back to the vet after he was well to see if the murmur was still there before I drive to NC State and have full exam.
My appointment is scheduled and I really just want them to check his heart, x-rays, give me information etc.

  • I am not sure about an Echocardiogram when he has such a mild murmur. Wouldn't X-Ray's be enough to use as a baseline to monitor changes?

  • From what I have read if a cardiologist still detects a murmur it is MVD. I am a little confused with this. I know that sometimes puppies can have a murmur that goes away. Elton being almost 7 and with MVD being a health issue with the breed, I am sure it is not something that is going away. Of course everything I read makes me freak out that says things like once diagnosed they can live 1-3 years. Is the progression like SM where some can progress faster than others? Can some continue for years with a low grade murmur?

  • It was recently posted by a forum member that a dog does not necessarily have a cough to be in congestive heart failure (CHF). I am not asking about Elton but it seems that I have heard cardiologists say if they are not coughing somehow meaning that they are not in CHF. I am questioning this because I also read that if the dog has fluid in the lungs then they are in CHF? These are more complicated questions and maybe it is like other conditions where symptoms can vary?