Hi, We have a Blenheim puppy aged 10 weeks old and are based in the UK. I have read much different/conflicting advice on whether or not to take out cover.Much advice says that it is a total rip off but I can imagine that people have had good as well as bad experiences with insurance. If we do take out cover it has been advised to use a policy with an annual pot that is refilled every year. We are being quoted 30+ per month for the best cover (7000 in vets fees per year). I would appreciate any advice on 1. The best insurance companies to use 2. Is it better to simply to save say 30 a month in a building society and build up an emergency fund. 3. Is there any section on CavalierTalk.com where I can look at previous similar questions (I am new to the site and do not as yet know my way around it). Keep up the good work and thank you in anticipation.