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Thread: insurance for our new Blenheim puppy... UK based... Save money or pay premium

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    I would really advise getting insurance. Cavs are not really known for going through life unscathed. Like Nicky mentioned, you really dont want to be in the position of having to weigh up your savings against urgent and expensive vet treatment. If you search insurance on the site, you will find an entry from me somewhere that mentions how much my insurers had to pay out in the four short years we had my lovely Megan. Its a lot, and she didnt have the usual cav ailments either. Im with Petplan for Teddy, and its a for life policy, and we got it before he even came home. And i truley wish i had known about the link with Ruperts fund
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    I live in the UK and use Petplan. They have been brilliant so far.

    We have just had to pay out 1300 to have Merlin seen by a neurologist and an MRI scan etc, the veterinary hosptial sent the claim off for me and Petplan paid out to them direct, it was a huge weight off my mind and only had to pay a 90 excess.

    I currently pay 29.47 per month for the classic covered for life (which covers me up to 4000 per year)
    I have to pay an excess of 90 for every new medical case with Merlin, and also I have to pay the excess again for his current condition when each year rolls over, but thats nothing compared to what they've paid out for me so far.

    My monthly amount is slightly high as he's nearly 7 and already has medical problems, so yours could be less.
    Look at the website and get a quotation.

    Best wishes
    Gemma and Merlin.

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    I recommend Petplan from our experience, Jasper is with them and he is nearly 8, we pay 30.00 per month with an excess of 85, they paid a big claim direct to the vets, I've no complaints. Gabby is with Axa, never claimed so cannot comment but its all up in the air with Axa they're not taking new customers and existing ones are seeing their monthly premiums go sky high. I heard Animal Friends are good.
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    I am with Pet Plan in the UK, but must say after reading the last two posts from Gemma and Andrea I am at a loss at to how Pet Plan work out their premiums, I have never made a claim on Ollie who is fit and is 3 years old and insured since he was just a few weeks old, I have cover for life 4,000 veterinary fees per year with an excess 85.00, and I pay 29.64 per month for a dog who is healthy and much younger. On the plus side of them when Jasper was insured with them from 9 months old until he was 10 years old when they priced us out as it was just not viable for him to be insured with them with the excess plus 20% of the bill, they were always prompt at paying the money for his heart medicine. We certainly paid more in for him that we got out, but that saying we did it in case there were any big medical expenses. We just put the money aside for him every month for his 3 monthly heart medication, as we know he will never be able to have any veterinary intervention with the way his heart is.


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