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Thread: Help..10 month old growling at my son!

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    Karlin wrote 'Be sure your vet is aware of some of the breed health issues such as episodic falling, epilepsy and syringomyelia.' You could add myoclonus to this list, which is becoming more common in Cavaliers and causes the body to twitch and jerk, which could be the 'shivering' you are seeing. It isn't painful, though my 6-year-old with it does sometimes look distressed.

    Kate, Oliver and Aled (the one with myoclonus)

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    Well, it's good news from us! Bobby is being a good little boy, his confidence is growing and he is settling in nicely. I think it was a mixture of nerves and being overwhlmed. His shaking is reducing also. Talked with his breeder today and feel very reassured that Bobby has no temperament poblems, he's just a very sweet confused little boy as he stayed at the breeders friends fo a few weeks and thats where i got him from. Lots of training and care and. Think he will be lovely.
    thank you all for your help, it go me through a very worryng time!
    Claire x

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    Claire: really need to be honest here, none of these things is normal. A healthy, happy, well socialised puppy should not have nerves like this, should never be shaking like this, and never growling simply because it is in a new home and around new people. He should be friendly, outgoing, gentle, confident *regardless* of staying with some other people. This is the hallmark of a healthy and happy puppy, and particularly, of cavaliers generally, whatever the age.

    All these things would concern me. The fact that the breeder is insisting there are no problems (there is at the very least, a worrying issue of poor socialisation of her dogs, coupled with signs of a potential health issue) and is not herself quite alarmed that a dog of her breeding is frequently shivering (for any reason), growling, timid etc, would also set off alarm bells. She must have been aware of these things (surely the friends who had the dog saw similar issues?!) and seems to be offloading a potential problem dog. At the very least there is work yo be done when a dog of this age is resource guarding, as it means this was not done when the pup was younger, and also there's a health issue to be checked if a dog is shaking all the time, even if it is decreasing. A good breeder would not just dismiss this with 'no temperament problems in this dog'.

    I do think if you wish to keep this puppy 1) you need to be working urgently, with a good positive methods trainer to address the poor socialising and 2) you need to video these shaking sessions and talk to a vet aware of health issues in cavaliers, as they were worryingly constant for quite a long time by your description.

    I cannot stress this enough. None of this is normal or acceptable in any dog supposedly raised in a happy family situation from properly health tested parents. These are more signs that you see in rescue dogs coming from quite bad situations, and/or dogs with a possible neurological or other inherent problem.

    I've rehomed hundreds of cavalier rescues (I started and ran Irish Cavalier Rescue for years) and only rarely ever have encountered issues like this. I also am friendly with many good breeders of many breeds and know every one would be very concerned if any of their dogs or puppies showed signs like this.

    I am sorry if that is upsetting to hear, but I think you are being handed a line by the breeder.
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