Pippin had a scan done last week. His MVD has worsened a little with the faulty valve on the left side but the heart itself seemed fine on that side and rhythm is stable enough.
We noticed lately that when he is sleeping he doesn't seem comfy or settled, he'll get up move around change place or position and sleep in the most strange positions too, it had eased a little with the cooler weather but still was ongoing and he can be quite exercise intolerant at times. He is already on vetmedin, which we were told is keeping things stable enough with the valve, but the scan showed quite a significant heart enlargement on the right side, which we were told is a worse scenario than if it were the left side.

He is not in full CHF but the vet feels from symptoms and the size of the enlargement that he is heading into it so has started him on a low dose of a medication called Cardalis.

He is due back for check-up in 3 weeks and re scan in 6 months. We have been told to still let him enjoy his short walk daily and just to watch out for any new symptoms especially a cough and not too worry too much as once he is monitored it can be managed even if he still goes into CHF.

I will stay positive and treat him the same as always, he hasn't changed, the next day I turned my back for a minute and found him rolling toilet tissue all over the bathroom

I do feel sad that he is heading for worsening of symptoms and worry how I will cope when that happens.

My poor little forever puppy, we call him that because he is small and always into mischief!