hello all,

I'm here again for some advice for Rosie, my 20 month old Ruby who has had diarrhea / soft stool for over 4 weeks.

It started August 4th when we picked her up from an over night stay at doggie day care, so of course we pointed fingers that she had picked something up from another dog. We withheld food for 24 hrs, bland diet of rice and chicken with a spoonful of yoghurt for the probiotics, antacid pills, 4 trips to the vet over a 4 week period which consisted of a course of Flagal, no success, dewormed - even though nothing was found in the numerous poop samples taken, blood tests - came back negative, x-ray - showed no blockages or problems, and then a course of Tylen Powder. Our vet was at a loss as to what was causing the problem and said that if the last course of antibiotics did not have any affect she would refer us to a specialist. Through all this Rosie has been her usual fun loving self, no changes in coat, not lethargic and continued to drink her water. Only had an accident in the house on the first day, so she was still able to hold it. The Tylen powder after a few days started to work with poop becoming a better consistency. I finally sighed a breath of relief. We finished the antibiotics on Sept 3 and upto yesterday we had almost 2 weeks of normal poop. (never the normal to Rosie standards but it was no longer a concern) And then yesterday we had an accident in the house and her poop is back to diarrhea / soft mucus poop. I figured I would reach out to the wealth of knowledge on this site before calling the vet on Monday. In the meantime we are back to a bland diet, this time I'm adding a spoonful of pumpkin to the mix.

Any suggestions I would be very grateful. I have never talked so much about my dogs poop