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    First off, I live in a country where there are no veterinary neurologists and there is only one clinic in the country which has an MRI machine, but none of the vets are familiar with SM.

    A few days ago, my dog suddenly stopped wanting to stand on her hind legs, and could not jump off the bed/sofa, and has very much difficulty getting upstairs. Usually, she can jump on and off and run upstairs at lightning speed.

    She looks to be in pain (eyes, and ears hanging low), and refused food the first day. Brought her to the vet, who checked her temp, legs, spine, heart, lungs and he says everything seems normal. It was a very busy day at the clinic, and they didnt have time to do an xray, so told me to go back another day.

    I keep thinking it might be SM and would much prefer them doing an MRI (so that we can also see if there are any problems with her spine), but am not sure if they would know how to do it correctly so the syrinx(es) would be visible. The vet also seemed reluctant to do an MRI in the absence of other symptoms.

    My dog scratches her ears at night and in the morning--not too excessively, but enough that her ear fringes mats very frequently. She has no ear infections for sure.

    am not sure what to do at this point. Has anyone seen this kind of symptoms in an affected dog? I have a video of her having trouble walking upstairs. Please PM me if you would like to see it.

    vet sent us home with antibiotics and Rimadyl. I noticed that she seems to be in less pain after I give her the rimadyl. She can walk upstairs better, and at least she eats and plays, but she is still not right, if you know what I mean? She is not back to normal.
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